About Us

Our Goals

Mission and Values

Our mission at ISHR NAS is to promote the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the cardiovascular sciences on a world-wide basis through publications, congresses, and other media. Our goals are:

  • ^To promote and foster the exchange and diffusion of concepts and information throughout the Americas relating to metabolism, structure, and function of the cardiovascular system in health and disease.
  • ^To advance knowledge in the scientific disciplines relating to cardiovascular system function and disease.
  • ^To hold regular scientific meetings dealing with heart disease research.
  • ^To provide a suitable forum for the discussion of problems relating to cardiovascular disease and function.


ISHR NAS has developed comprehensive guidelines and regulations to govern its members and oversee organizational activities. These measures ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence in our cardiovascular research and educational endeavors.

Our History

ISHR International

ISHR International serves as a global hub, connecting cardiovascular professionals and researchers from around the world. Our platform fosters international collaboration, sharing cutting-edge insights and innovations in heart health and research.